Koffee king's philosophy is to take an innovative approach to food service.
We are always looking for new products and ideas.

Throughout the history of Koffee King, our mission has been to provide
a wide range of quality food services, combined with
prompt service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 The result is the best and most reliable, total food and beverage company
serving Syracuse and Central New York.

Introducing a coffee brewing sensation!
 The individual Coffee Brewing System from Keurig

There is no waiting, no mess, no waste, no dirty pots or coffee grounds to clean up  and best of all, no one is leaving the office!

A single serving K-cup is guaranteed fresh every time  
and everyone  can choose the gourmet flavor the are craving.

Keurig coffee brewing

coffee service

- Koffee King's coffee service provides our original
 coffee blend, along with dozens of  flavored coffees,
 a large selection of  office, restaurant, and
 institutional coffee brewing equipment, and coffee
 brewing supplies. 

express catering
- Koffee King's Express Catering can accommodate
 5 or 500. Our extensive list of menu choices are
 sure to satisfy the most discriminating pallet.
 You'll receive the applause for a perfectly hosted
 event, without all the work.  
Koffee King food service

beverage and food vending
snack vending
- Koffee King combines, hot & cold beverage vending,
 restaurant quality food vending, snack vending, and
 full support services such as, ice machines,
 microwave ovens, bill changers, and paper products
 to fulfill all your vending requirements.  A complete
  food service system can be easily designed, and
 professionally installed, to meet the needs of any

Koffee King's newest
high profile
Available now ! 

bottled water

- Koffee King offers crystal clear bottled spring water, water coolers,
 and point of use water filters, for home, office, or businesses.  
24 hour service
- Koffee King has food service technicians available 24 hours a day
 seven days a week. 

Koffee King has become the largest, local independent coffee and
food service company in Central New York.

We are a family owned business that has grown from virtually nothing into the largest independent coffee
and food service company in Syracuse. We presently serve some 650 customers in the Central New
York area with restaurant and office coffee service, bottled water, catering service, paper products, and
a complete line of vending machines capable of dispensing, fresh foods, snacks and beverages.

Basically, we can offer you anything from hot lunches to birthday cakes! We strive to deliver our food and
 vending services with a personal touch. Attention to detail and personal service is what we are all about.

Koffee King is honored to service and support the many Central New York charities and
community organizations which do business with Koffee King. Our customers
appreciate our professionalism and high ethical standards.  

Simply put we care about how we do business.

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